"Examine the relationship between culture, sustainability and human responsibility..."

Course Instructors and Supervisors 2015

Thomas McGovern


Professor Hunter College/CUNY

Steven Hartman


Chair, Professor Mid Sweden University

Astrid Oglivie


Research Fellow, INSTAAR, University of Colorado

Ragnhildur Sigurdardottir


Research Scientist, Reykjavik Academy

 Vidar Hreinsson


SCN Program Director and Independent Scholar, Reykjavik Academy

Arni Daniel Juliusson


Independent Scholar, Reykjavik Academy

Reinhard Hennig


Research Scientist, University Of Bonn, Germany

Michael Twomey


Professor, Ithaca College, NY

Megan T. Hicks


Research Fellow, CUNY

Adolf Fridriksson


Director, The Institute of Archaeolgy Iceland

Emily Lethbridge


Research Fellow, University of Iceland