"Examine the relationship between culture, sustainability and human responsibility..."

ABOUT Svartarkot Culture - Nature

Svartarkot Culture - Nature (SCN) is a concept program inspired by Svartarkot farm in Northern Iceland.  The program is managed by Reykjavik Academy (RA) in cooperation with Svartarkot's farmers, and supported by grants and tuition payments.


SCN will have a two-fold aim:

1) Offer summer courses to small groups of international Masters and PhD students,

2) Offer lectures and services to Professors and Universities who bring their own students as a part of their curriculum.


SCN and RA will also offer expert assistance and support to those who wish to submit grant applications through RA.


SCN will hold some lectures at Reykjavik Academy, but the bulk of the courses/classes will be held at Kidagil hostel and community center in Bardardal valley near Svartarkot farm.