"Examine the relationship between culture, sustainability and human responsibility..."



SCN will offer high quality international university level courses under the auspices of the Reykjavik Academy, from various cross-disciplinary points of view.  The subjects of the courses are normally Icelandic, in international, theoretical context, implemented in cooperation with foreign universities with acclaimed, leading scholars as guest lecturers.


Subjects will include:

> Environmental History

> Eco-critical approaches to the Sagas

> Case studies of local manuscripts

> Ancient settlements

> Cultural Geography

> Outlaws

> Immigration and Emigration

> Stephan G. Stephansson's Nature and Landscape

> Lava field Exploration (Odadahraun)


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Nine to ten-day academic courses, 10 ECTs, will be offered with or without assessment for credit, but preparatory work as well as assignments after the on-site sessions will be required for credits.  Lite version of the courses will be developed (4-5 days) for CPDs or other academics.  Combined courses can also be arranged where some participants can attend the 4-5 day program and others the full program.





SCN and the Reykjavik Academy will arrange lecturers and scheduling for specific subjects, such as (but not limited to):


> Geology

> Icelandic Ecology

> Icelandic Literature

> Icelandic Sagas and History

> Icelandic Poetry and Arts

> Ethnography and Cultural History


SCN will arrange all travel and course logistics as needed.